Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gma Mac's Quilt


This quilt top was made by my Grandma Mac at least 
30 years ago, my mom hand quilted it for me last year 
and I finally got the binding put on. 

Mom did a great job with the hand quilting. Thanks Mom!

I wanted a white binding on the front (I actually used Kona-snow)
but wanted a little color on the back. I went through my mom's 
material and found a brown material with some different colors 
running through it and it is probably 30 years old. I really like how 
it turned out, just enough color and pattern to make it interesting.

This is where the quilt is now, I love the color it adds to my favorite chair.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover

I finally made a sewing machine cover for my machine. 
I have needed one for a while, although some people
 think my machine gets used way to much to need a cover. 

I used some scraps of greens that I had and cut 2 inch squares, 
I sewed them together to make roughly 10" x 13" then 
I  cut out a sewing machine shape on an 8" x 11" sheet of paper 
and used this  for a pattern. This is my first machine applique,
I need more practice but I am happy with the way it turned out.


My Mom got this kit to make a quilt for one of my step-sister's. 
I put it together for her. It  is a Laurel Burch fabric. 

It came with two panel's but you didn't get any  instruction's 
to use the second panel. I just used it on the back with some 
of the left over fabric.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Modified Broken Wheel

This quilt was inspired by the Labyrinth Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts.
 I had some red plaid material in my stash and thought this would 
be a great quilt to use the material in. My challenge to myself was to  
use only material I had at home to make a new couch throw for myself.
I do love it!

I also love the the back and plan to use it when ever 
I can while lounging on the sofa.

Close-up of the back and binding.

 I think I like this quilt so much because it is all material I chose (originally) 
just because I liked it not because it needed to match something.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ahoy Pirates!

Another quilt for the crisis center, pirates for a little boy.
 I just framed out the square of pirate material with some reds, 
blues and black and white that I had in my stash.

For the back of the quilt, I used some black and white check and red polka dot.