Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Marcelle Medallion Quilt

My version of the Marcelle Medallion Quilt 
                            I used a lot of my scrapes on this quilt. 

I was going to do some hand quilting so I put it in a 
quilting frame, then decided it would take to long. 
I basted it while still in the frame, that worked out 
really well. I plan to do that again on other quilts.

I did do more machine quilting on this quilt then I usually do. 

I like how the quilting shows on the back of the quilt.

I think I will make another one some day when I collect more scrapes!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

To Boston with Love

“To Boston With Love,” is being organized by a pair of quilters who connected 
on the Internet, Berene Campbell of Vancouver, British Columbia, and 
West Newbury’s Amy Friend. Flags were made by quilters from all over
 the country. These are the pendants from the modern quilt guild in St. Louis.

They were hung in the Boston Fine Arts Museum over memorial day
weekend, and will be hung again next year too. 
I made these two green peace and dove pendants.

Here are some links if you would like to see them.

Table Runner

The Stlmqg had a room-by-room swap challenge, 
we chose a name of someone and they had 
what room we were to make something for and a color
that they wanted. I got Laura , kitchen/dining and yellow.

I decided to make a table runner inspired by the pattern 
"Sardinia table runner" in the book
 Quilting Modern written by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen 

I hope she liked it!


This is another quilt top I made for Shriners Hospital, 

the pattern I used is great to show off large pieces of material.

I like how it looks woven.